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, the contract dispute between Philadelphia hawk and Mathis Mathis Evan has finally been concluded. On Thursday, NFL official website reporter reported that the team has decided to quit Mathis. The two annual career bowl star's Hawk career ended in the end. as early as March last year, the eagle put Mathis on the trading shelf. This offseason, the team also hopes he will leave the transaction before the draft, but ultimately failed to do so. According to the PFF scoring system, Mathis's total score in the last 3 seasons has been the top of the front. The veteran who has been fighting for 11 seasons in the league is now only looking for a new job as a free player. , 33, who is 33 years old, hopes to get a better contract at the end of his career, and his performance proves that he deserves it. In the ground attack system of the eagle, Mathis has been p cheap nfl jerseys free shipping laying an important role. His ability to open the road has always been the key to his alliance. At present, there are many teams interested in Mathis, including the Denver broncos, Seattle Seahawks, the Miami dolphins and Atlanta falcons.NFL????|?????????????????????????????|????? this Monday when the Tennessee Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt (Ken Whisenhunt) announced that the team's main safety Bernard Pollard (Bernard Pollard) this season due to rupture of Achilles tendon. He also said the quarterback Jack Rock (Jake Locker) fingers just some bruising and swelling, no big deal. Pollard is definitely the main titans of the season, almost did not miss a defense, has always been a tough tackling is known, has repeatedly hurt the attacking players in team several times during the crow patriots players injured that he got the nickname patriot killer. His injury will be a great loss to Titan's second line. and the team's main quarterback Jack Rock's finger injury would leave him out for one to two weeks, making him fully rehabilitate. No. two quarterback Charlie White Hearst (Charlie Whitehurst) will assume the first responsibility, but because he is not qualified before the performance, rookie quarterback Zach Berg (Zach Mettenberger) - MAGOTAN will have no small hope.The official website of NFL | Fitzgerald: I should be able to play football | this week only got 3 points of the Cardinals offensive team ushered in a good day in the past 7 games, the number one wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald (Larry Fitzgerald) believes he can play. although Fitzgerald missed this week all the team training, the team was only listed as doubtful appearance (Questionable, 50%, but the possibility of playing) confident he can play against the falcons game, I should be able to play, but also depends on the doctor and the manager's decision. And coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) said that the medial knee ligament injury Fitzgerald plays will be decided before the game. if he can play, the defense of the Falcon alliance one of the worst will encounter more trouble, Falcon Defense this season were the other total 409.9 yards, averaging 284.1 yards passing by each other is the bottom of the league, and the opponent three offensive conversion rate of 47% ranked third.the new England patriots coach Bill Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) don't care about the traffic team training ground, but at least one team star for this Thursday's practical joke amused. was asked when the New York jet fan flew over the head and pulled a note saying "the swindlers look up!" The banner, wide receiver Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman) said to the media: "you know, actually see something like this very interesting." Biliqieke Friday did not even comment on the game, he avoided a "bleeding door" problem and the antics of jet fans he asked: "what the plane?" support Biliqieke Edelman said, his comments sounded like his boss never noticed the banner. "Really, you face ahead, and then you hear the whistle, you are going to go to the next stage, so the coach is shouting at us to the next stage," Edelman said. "You can't even really think about it. The coach always has his way to make us concentrate. " no one will than jet loyal to the Brady 4 games more exciting, these tortured fans have long fingers, waiting for the Patriots in the American League East dominance die. but to get Biliqieke attention can only occur in one place on the course.

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