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The official website of NFL | veteran quarterback: let the Cardinals ridicule Warner | Rugby Kurt Warner (Kurt Warner) has been retired for 5 years, but when the Arizona Cardinals quarterback appeared crisis, people still can not help but think of the level of the hall of fame. Even if only for fun, it is difficult to conceal the position in the hearts of fans Cardinals warner. The Cardinals defensive end Darnell doctore (Darnell Dockett) this week on twitter for Warner loudspeaker, ridicule Warner served as the team's quarterback can comeback. this season the Cardinals starting quarterback Carson Disasters pile up on one another., Palmer (Carson Palmer) in a month ago was injured for the season. The four point guard Drew Stanton (Drew Stanton) had another knee injury in the Thursday night match. The team had to temporarily use Ryan Lindley to act as a quarterback. There is news that Stanton will be at least 1 weeks off. Warner responded to the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping petition doctor on Twitter: you this is my life, don't joke...... However?? If I think I am capable, I will be obliged! Joking aside, the Cardinals really need to consider their quarterback. Although have been identified among the playoffs, but the partition of the first name of the fight is not over, their opponent is the Seattle Seahawks next week.tiger July 18th news; Detroit lion has invited the former star of the team to take over Calvin Johnson (Calvin Johnson) to visit the team training camp next month. "I invited him to watch the training camp," Rhodes Wood (Rod Wood), the male lion's president, told the media. "We wait and see if he will come. I hope he will. He's a great player. We want him to be with us, not away from us. " Wood said Johnson's dissatisfaction with the male lion was "a little disappointing", but he agreed with the team leader Jim Caldwell (Jim Caldwell)'s previous view that the two sides could solve their differences. Wood said he had a short message exchange with Johnson in the last few weeks. He said the two sides were "very harmonious" and "very professional", but he did not want to detail the details. , who ranked first in team history in terms of the number of catches, the number of catches and the numbers, has expressed dissatisfaction with the team in the past few months. 's recent public voice Johnson said in addition to multiple injuries in the career, the lion has been mediocre success and he decided to retire and admitted that he had wanted to go but unable to do so because of the contract. Before , Johnson told the Detroit media that he was dissatisfied with the way the lion was treated after his retirement. He says he needs to return the lion's signature bonus of more than $1 million. Wood did not respond to this at the time. has been very rich in Johnson's activities since his retirement. He married, joined the star dance program, built his own foundation and rugby camp, went to Italy and skated. So he did not respond immediately to the invitation of the lion.The official website of NFL, a giant boss: quarterback Eli Manning for a few years, football can continue to nest tiger news June 23rd 2014, the New York giants owner John Mara (John Mara) said the quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) is still in the peak but also have good performance. 3 years later, Mara still thinks so. we think he will be able to play for several years, Mara said on Thursday. The difference between and 3 years ago is that Manning is now 36, and is about to enter his fourteenth NFL season. Manning, who has already completed 211 consecutive starts, has 3 years in his contract. but the giants began to plan the future of Manning's retirement, and they picked the quarterback Davies Webb (Davis Webb) in the third round of the show this year. The giant manager, Ben McAdoo, has said that the team is planning to make Webb the three quarterback, which will give him time to grow. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its a long week for anyone in the buffalo region, including people working at the ticket center of the buffalo Bill team. because Bill moved to Detroit with the New York jet, the team opened a web page to tell the fans how to get a refund. But the only problem is that "the phone did not just want a ticket center, but Ohio's domestic violence hotline. , according to news reports, the center received a call from a large number of domestic violence Bill fans of the phone, they can only reluctantly told people not to call this number, because they must keep the connection open for people who need to address domestic violence. obviously, many Bill fans were looking forward to refunds, and the problem of the web was finally settled on Thursday night.

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