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The New Jersey belongs to Nike's new Night Rising series Jersey, black shadow (ombré) in the grey background abnormal eye-catching, it appears in the shirt cuffs and shorts pants edge, in the night game, this design to strengthen the existing floodlights under visual players. Calf gray V type pattern of black socks to further strengthen this image.Indianapolis pony quickly finalized Josh - Macdaniels (Josh McDaniels). NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) and Tom Perry Cero (Tom Pelissero), according to people familiar with the news, said the new England patriot attack coordinator is expected to become a pony next commander at the end of the season. has also contacted Houston, Dezhou's air defense coordinator Mike Vrabel Mike, but Macdaniels has always been their number one choice. Macdaniels, who has contacted potential assistant coach , is expected to have Dallas cowboy assistant coach Matt Abbott F Ruth (Matt Eberflus) as the defense coordinator. Tennessee coach Mike - Muraki in the Titan (Mike Mularkey) following the departure of Macdaniels is considered may be more likely to join the Titans, he will be here and served as general manager of the old friend Jean Robinson (Jon Robinson) reunion, also can have the potential to coach Marcus - Mario Kobita (M cheap nfl jerseys free shipping arcus Mariota). But Macdaniels is as close to the general manager of the pony, Chris Ballard (Chris Ballard). also, the coaching pony gave Macdaniels a chance to teach Andrew Luck (Andrew). If the situation recovers, Macdaniels will be able to cooperate with a young quarterback who still has a chance to play a hall of Fame career. The whole lineup of the pony needs to be strengthened, but Ballard is active in strengthening, and he will be a good combination with Macdaniels. After the experience of a failed manager in Denver's wild horse in Denver, Macdaniels was reinvigorate the Patriots to help the team win 2 Super Bowl Championships. Now he's going to have a bright future in the pony.The official website of NFL, NFL became the first in the China Sina micro-blog Sports League football matches live, wo , December 28, 2016, the US professional football league (NFL) announced that today it signed a strategic cooperation agreement with sina, micro-blog, China's leading social media platform. in addition to the six regular season games broadcast in the past few weeks, Sina micro-blog will also broadcast the last week of the regular season Sunday night games, three playoff games and the super bowl, which is NFL as the first sign of sports alliance with sina micro-blog has created a sports communication protocol. Sina micro-blog sports manager Zhang Zhe said: we are very pleased to NFL and establish strategic partnership, the hope can help NFL better future China to expand market share, micro-blog users can make the first time to watch live matches and watch the race short-sighted frequency content at the end of the game, and these contents will be forwarded and user communication. Based on the events, we will also work with NFL to promote commercialization of advertising. We also believe that the future social media will be the core of the domestic and international event promotion, and sports + social will be the most important part of the industry chain. Richard Young, general manager of NFL, said: Sina micro-blog will be an outstanding partner of NFL to promote and attract fans in the mainland of China. We are very excited about being able to promote NFL games to hundreds of millions of fans with Sina and micro-blog. We firmly believe that the long-term partnership with sina micro-blog will be of great value to both NFL and Chinese sponsors. Sina micro-blog is one of the most popular social networking sites in China. It has 132 million active users (DAU) and 297 million month active users (MAU). Its market impact is equal to Twitter and Youtube in the US. An average of 100 million messages are posted on micro-blog every day. now, NFL has more than 1 million 500 thousand online viewers in China a week, while the ratings are still growing. In addition, more than five million people watch NFL video clips on average weekly, and many users watch early games by watching video games. Besides the live broadcast of micro-blog account, NFL will also issue short videos, highlights and other NFL peripheral video content, including 10 weekly good balls, 5 weekly running balls and catching balls. through this cooperation, NFL has further expanded its dissemination in China's digital media platform, providing top users sports entertainment video content through more platforms and more convenient ways. about NFL was founded in 1920, and the American professional rugby league (NFL) is called 〉The official website of NFL in the 2016 season, the best team announced football nest The Associated Press The 2016 season's best squad for the 2016 season has been unveiled. had 17 players for the first time this year, including 3 rookies. This is the first time since 1981 that there have been so many new rookies in the best squad. the 3 rookie is the Dallas Cowboys running back ezrin Kiel Elliot, Kansas City Chiefs punt returner Rick Thailand - Hill and Tennessee Titans right tackle Jack conklin. this is the judges for the first time for the specific location of the line on the flexible position attack group, Defense Group Fifth defensive back, punt returner and special teams players vote. in all the players selected in the play, Hill and Justin - Tucker crow Baltimore hand got all 50 tickets. Only 7 of 's best players last year were selected again this year. It was not surprising that Dallas cowboys were the most selected players to reach 5, and the second was the chief of Kansas City, and 4 were selected. Complete list of : gust: attack group quarterback: Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan), Atlanta Falcon : running back Elliot (Ezekiel Elliott ezrin Kiel), Dallas cowboys flexible location: David - Johnson (David Johnson), the Arizona Cardinals close - end front: Travis - Kors (Travis Kelce), the chief of Kansas City, : Antonio Brown took over (Antonio Brown), Pittsburgh Steelers; Julio - Jones (Julio Jones), Atlanta falcons Zuo Jiefeng: Tyrone Smith (Tyron Smith), the Dallas cowboys right intercepting front: Jack Kang Kelin (Jack Conklin), Tennessee Titan Zuo Hufeng: Kari - Arthur Mailer (Kelechi Osemele), Oakland Raiders right wing: Zach Martin (Zack Martin), Dallas cowboy Center: Travis Frederic

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