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Cincinnati tigers lost in the wild card race, but their losses will continue until next season. Local time Monday, NFL officials announced Bo Fekete of Wei Feng tiger line (Vontaze Burfict) - TAZ imposed a 3 game suspension, without paying salaries during the team. at the last moment and Pittsburgh Steelers game, Bofeikete illegal receiver Antonio Brown against each other (Antonio Brown), which led to a concussion. The act was given a foul by the referee, which directly led to a shot at the last moment of the tiger. Bo Fekete's style of play is rude, he is to run Weile viand Steelers - Baer in the eighth week (Le Veon Bell) for the season. In the seventeenth week, he used the same rough rash to cause the Baltimore crow near end forward Marx Williams (Maxx Williams) to leave the field. In the 2014 season, he also deliberately reversed Newton Kamm (Cam Newton) and Greg Olsen (Greg Olsen) of the ankle.The official website of NFL | [Defense] how to become a star guard? | football agility and speed, Cornerback (CB) is the defense master in t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he defense group. The great horn guards have a good sense of intuition and understanding for the whole rugby game. They know how to read and adjust the defence. They are experts in the area defense and intercept pass. They are the cornerstones of passing defense, and their ability to determine the effectiveness of defense to a large extent. station on both sides of cornerback usually stand on the defensive, defense generally in the formation of the left and right sides of the layout of a star guard to defend receivers. In the process of array, cornerback will automatically find the corresponding unmarked receivers, and the relative standing, in order to kick off over the external marker. executes 's role will adjust his position at any time according to the tactical arrangement of the offensive team and the defense team's coping strategies. The following are some of the main techniques of the corner guard. technique corners need flexible foot technology, fast speed, and good defensive sense of smell. Such a requirement determines that a tall man is not suitable for the corner guard, so most of the corners are shorter on the court. In addition, the horseback also has a strong body and good capture skills. oppressive area defense in the defense, he needs to cornerback General mark and took over, his task is to try to hinder the formation of outside in the scuffle over the running route. Once the barrier is completed, cornerback will quickly return to the marking area. Blocking an outside hand is a difficult job, and it is easy to cause a foul. If the ball comes out soon, the corner guards have to disturb the pass quickly. If the cornerback can successfully to take over the obstacles, he will greatly reduce the health and safety of the line pressure, so that they can quickly enter their defensive position. defense man to man defense is one of the most successful football difficult technology, but the most common is the cornerback body marking strategy. The general took over where the basic can find his marker cornerback in the vicinity.The official website of NFL | bears linebacker Sam apotheker announced the renewal of 1 years | football Chicago bears a busy offseason continues, in the moderate strengthening defense group, they decided to leave some can still contribute to the team. Local time Monday, the bears announced Sam and linebacker Aike (Sam Acho) for about 1 years. echo location is registered outside linebacker, he was special teams qualified performance. The bears are hoping to increase the depth and personnel freedom of choice, and then decided to renew echo. Last season, Aike completed 60 tackles, 1 times out of 1 times the ball making, back off the ball, 15 appearances for the team, including 7 starts. Aike occupation career before the 4 season at Arizona Cardinals, completed a total of 96 tackles during. 27 year old Aike has accumulated 66 caps, is an experienced player.The official website of NFL | Redskins coach talk game plan: to lead, reduce the | football pass The (Colt McCoy) - Scott Mccoy injured, Robert - Griffin (Robert Griffin) in the dispute to return to the starting lineup. This week, he will lead Washington red skin to the Philadelphia hawk. coach Jay Gruden (Jay Gruden) said: look at those successful League quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) has started 195 games, Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) and Drew Bracey (Drew Brees) had more than 200 games. And Robert, I'm not sure, maybe only 15 or 16 games. Such a small sample is not enough to make a conclusion to his career. Time will prove everything. Griffin had a bad performance in the near future and the fans were very dissatisfied with him. Gruden said in an interview, the team will try to use different methods to stimulate the ability of Griffin: for us, it is important to achieve a breakthrough in the first two files, so we do not always require the quarterback back pass. A game is passed 30 times, and such a game is not suitable for our players. We have to find ways to get ahead in the game so that we can push our plans more patiently. The team is now focused on the issue of third and passing attack, we must try to overcome them.

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