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Cincinnati tigers star outside linebacker Bo Fekete von Tasmania (Vontaze Burfict) this season with injuries, has been four times in the game were suffered a concussion and neck sprain of the invasion, and on Wednesday he underwent knee surgery, the future will miss at least two weeks. 24 year old Bo Fekete had his best career in the League last season, in one fell swoop promotion was inducted into the ranks of streamline health occupation in the bowl, this offseason and the tigers signed a 4 year contract, but this season has been plagued by injuries is not always a stable contribution on the field, but also because in the game of suspected intentional hurt opponents blamed. and Bo Fekete's struggles have led to a direct slump in the tigers' ground defense. This season the tigers have left their opponents 140.7 yards out of the league, only fourth in the league. During Bo Fekete's absence, Vincent - ray (Vincent Rey) will replace him as the team's starting line guard.The official website of NFL | Panther defender Davies 2 years to renew | football let four Wei (Cam Newton) - Newton Kamm became one of the highest paid League quarterback, the Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davies has given (Thomas Davis) sent a new contract. Black Panther announced on Monday that they had renewed their contract with Davies for 2 years. According to NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Davies will now earn 17 million 750 cheap nfl jerseys free shipping thousand dollars in the next three years, including the signing bonus of 9 million dollars. Thomas has been and will continue to be a part of our team on the pitch and essential, general manager David Hetman (Dave Gettleman) said in a statement. His leadership is of great value, and he still maintains a high level of performance. We are happy to renew our contract with him. He is the key player in our defense team and we are happy that he will be able to retire as a member of the Panther. , 32, has recovered from three knee cruciate ligament tears and became one of the top 4-3 line guards in the league. He is skilled in ball defense and selected the best line-up of the middle linebacker Luke Qikeli (Luke Kuechly) together to strengthen defense to speed in the kick-off line. He should have gained a career bowl because of his excellent performance. Davies Qikeli formed the backbone of the Panthers defense group, they ranked second in the 2013 season in December last season and averaged only allowing 10.8. is no surprise that Davies's new contract will allow him to retire in the 10 year old panther.The International Handball | hands youth handball coaches training classes today in Shanghai | hand Co Luca the morning of November 2nd, the International Association Youth handball coaches training courses in the school successfully opening the island model of ShangHai Railway Station. in order to promote and popularize youth handball sport in our country, improve the level of China's youth handball, China Handball Association and international communication union hands, and after the approval by the international hand, hand joint international youth handball coaches training courses held in China, the International Youth handball instructor hands selected Anton (Spanish Garcia careI to guide the training). The training time of was held in from November 2 to 12, 2011 in Shanghai, Baoshan, from November 2nd to 4th, Jiangsu Suzhou (from November 6th to 8th) and Shandong Weifang (from November 10th to 12th). This morning, the first station in ShangHai Railway Station in Shanghai training school TongZhou model smooth opening. from various provinces and cities nationwide total of more than 50 primary and secondary school teachers and coaches to attend the handball training, the State Sports General Administration Center bangleiqiu hand song minister, Chinese handball Handball Association Secretary General Peng Ning; Chinese Handball Association Youth Committee Director, principals in Shanghai TongZhou model school Cheng Biao attended the opening ceremony. minister Peng stressed that the development of youth handball is Chinese handball hope, youth handball players from the beginning to master the correct concept of handball and technological movement, to lay a solid foundation, to constantly improve the level of technology in the future in handball sports. The International Association Youth handball coaches training courses as we provide a learning advanced ideas and methods of the handball platform, I hope we seize the rare opportunity to learn, to enrich themselves, improve teaching ability and level, and they are learning for youth handball team training to make a positive contribution to improve youth handball the level of sports in china. training class adopts the combination of theory and practice to teach handball teachers and coaches advanced handball ideas and methods. The students studied carefully and studied each other and benefited very much. this activity is a positive attempt of the Chinese Handball Association Youth Committee to popularize and promote the youth handball sports in China. It is also aimed at further improving the development level of handball in China, and accumulating advanced experience. (source: China Handball Association Yao Feng )The official website of NFL | official response: no charges have been received according to | Football Video The Associated Press Thursday evening reported a law enforcement officials said early in April has been in Baltimore before the crow team Pao Weilei rice (Ray Rice) in Atlantic City elevator stun him when surveillance video fiancee sent to the union is responsible for the safety of Jeffrey - Miller (Jeffrey Miller). and later on Thursday, Miller issued a statement, categorically denied that he had received a video copy and insisted that it could not be seen until the video was released in September 8th. On Friday afternoon, union official held a press conference in response to the following questions: first, whether the league has to verify who is receiving the video; secondly, in the video sent to the post is how to handle; the last is in the received video and confirmed that it is, that this really terrible (MS) who is the. The official response said there was no evidence to support the fact that the Union had received the video, or that the unidentified woman's call to The Associated Press by using the union telephone line could prove that the alliance had received the video. is the The Associated Press received a phone: since the players association and the alliance with the Baltimore team crow separately investigating Les's case, I always want to clarify some facts, but no one union official asked me about the elevator video. Because Geoffrey Miller is the chief of safety. I sent him anonymously. I attached a sentence to this video. This is the video of ray rice elevator. You must see it's terrible. I use a disposable cell phone number to do the confirmation reply after I receive the video. I knew it was possible that Mr. Miller could not get the video, but I still wanted it to be delivered to him. at the same time, the alliance also waits for former FBI Director Robert - Muller (Robert Mueller) of the independent commission to trace evidence in the case of the rice. [news] Alliance

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