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There is a blue ribbon on both sides of the shirt, which stretches down the shirt and matches the ribbon on both sides of the shorts. When the players are in motion, they can provide great air permeability and also flash the red design at the bottom. The rear of the bright red socks is matched with the blue linear figure, which is the same color as the shirt worn in 1984 when England defeated Brazil in the malayara stadium. This is a tribute to the famous victory. The color hosiery contrasts with the whole of the shirt, which highlights the footballers' dynamic legs, and thus strengthens the speed.NFL official website, Mustang center Paradeis by checking can return to training in football nest tiger Matt July 6th, Denver wild horse center Matt Paradeis (Matt Paradis) got good news last Friday, he got the medical license to be able to return to training. had Paradis on both sides of the hip had received surgery treatment, so he missed the offseason training team. After the training camp started in the late July, he will take part in most of the training. I've never been so worried, Paradeis said. I may have been worried about healing before, and that's what we will continue to pay attention to. But now I feel good on my hips. I guess I never realized how painful I had been and how I felt like, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping 'do you mean I'm not going to feel pain every day again?' Paradeis did not train in the last 10 weeks of the last season because of his hip pain, but he still fought every game of the game. He finally became a professional bowl candidate. he has played in every attack in 35 consecutive games (including the playoffs). The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL, champion quarterback Goff will not enter the first game of rugby squad, wo when the Losangeles ram starts the new season on Monday night match against San Francisco 49 people, this year's top champion, quarterback Jared Jared (Goff) will not be wearing the jerseys, and the team's discard will be the three quarterback in emergency. Coach Geoff - Fisher RAM (Jeff Fisher) said on Tuesday that Sean (Sean Mannion) - man ion will act as a backup quarterback, punter Jonny Hekel (Johnny Hekker) will become an emergency backup quarterback. also said Fisher gove and man ion position possible in the next week against the Seattle Seahawks home court in the opener of swap. He also said Carson Wentz (Carson Wentz) - be starting in Philadelphia and gove is completely not the case as the eagle. Fisher gove said one day it will become the first but until he is ready to start. This decision of goats can be interpreted in 1000 different ways. On the one hand, if a team gets Goff at a huge cost like a ram, will they not let Goff lead the team in the first battle of the season? rams have always had a steady assessment of Case Keenum, the first to get the first place. After the team general manager les Snyder (Les Snead) and Fisher said it's a good chance at the start of the season as a starter. Goff's poor performance in the pre - season could not help him get a higher position so early. It is also important to realize that some of the old coach is love let players start cold-shouldered 1. 2004 Eli Manning (Eli Manning) and the 2005 Alex - Smith (Alex Smith) are able to start until mid season. rams feel that they have a winning lineup, which is the only reason why they don't want Goff to suffer setbacks and learn from them. But if you continue to enter the gove lineup, more problems will be put forward. Fisher said Mr Gove will continue a lot of training. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Beijing time on Friday December 16th at 9:30 in the morning, NFL fifteenth weeks of regular season opener in a National League West Division champion Seattle Seahawks: civil war against the Losangeles rams in the home court. From the historical record, the rams currently holds three wins against the Seahawks; the two teams in the past five games, four wins and one negative dominant rams. The two sides last met in the second week of the season, the rams defeated the Seahawks home court 9:3. however, the game, the Seahawks home court is still optimistic about the outside world. Last week, the Seahawks although big score by the Green Bay Packers, they still with 8 wins and 4 losses and 1 draws to lead the National League west. If we can win today, they will lock the partition top. Not only that, they all won the 6 home games this season. And just through Huanshuai storm rams team record of only 4 wins and 9 losses. With coach Geoff Fisher sadly class, special teams coordinator John fassel stepped in to serve as interim coach. In addition, this year's top draft Jared - GF as the first quarterback as the record of only 0 to 4. At the beginning of the game, the rams were the first to attack. With Jared GF (Jared Goff) in third was killed, the rams quickly out of gear. Seahawks offensive team was sent off, they were forced to punt in our side. The rams again attack, Jared GF long rookie wide receiver Mike Thomas (Mike Thomas), but he failed to complete the line before the ball. After the receiver Blaine Quirke (Brian Quick) with GF passes for 25 yards. Enter the red zone, three to 1 yards, unmarked Quirke ball on its end in failure. Four file 1 yards. Running back Todd (Todd Gurley) lateral Karli punches the ball won the first attack. The Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) decided to throw the challenge flag, the referee made commuted in after watching the video: the conversion of four rams failed, the ball right submissively. near the end of the first half, the Seahawks receiver Taylor Locket (Tyler Lockett) in line with Russell - Werwilson (Russell Wilson) long, with 29 yards. The Seahawks way forward, into the red zone, facing four stalls for 1 yards, they made the inside linebacker Alec Aogeteli (Alec Ogletree) (Defensive Holding) to stop illegal defensive foul, automatic conversion of four files. Finally Russell Werwilson run fake pass, near end Luke - Wilson (Luke Willson) a 8 yard touchdown, the Seahawks scored 7:0. Soon, the attack group three out of ram, John fassel (John Fassel) the coach decided in the 30 yard line trying to fake punt tactics. Punter Johnny - Haeckel (Johnny Hekker) pass failure, Seahawks in the free kick range heart gift, and kicker Stephen hauska (Ste〉

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