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The official website of NFL | veteran Abraham will be seriously injured after the Cardinals | football comeback John Abraham (John Abraham) to come back! The Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce - A Ryans (Bruce Arians) revealed to the media, the team will return outside linebacker. Lost to San Diego lightning in the first week of the game, Abulahanyin concussion early departure, and was included in the list of injuries, even heard of the news he may retire. NFL official reports that the veteran's hand is going to be back in training on Wednesday, and he will start the game with a consortium's concussion test. on Tuesday, Abraham had told A Ryans that he has no intention to continue the game. The general manager Steve - Caim (Steve Keim) said: Abraham told us he needs time to consider their own future. Now it cheap nfl jerseys free shipping seems that both sides have got the results they want. This season, Abraham's salary was $2 million 500 thousand. With Darnell dockett (Darnell Dockett) and Dali (Darly Washington) - Washington has bid farewell to this season, the team needs to Abraham greater responsibility.Indianapolis pony's quarterback Andrew - Andrew (Andrew Luck) was recently invited to the University of de Paul to take part in the literature show. When asked about giving some advice to college students, replied: "advice?" I'm only 25 years old, and I have nothing to suggest. " when asked who is the league's best defensive player, he replied: "if not in the pony choose, should be JJ watts (JJ Watt)" when asked about Reggie Wayne (Reggie Wayne) said: "this is not an interesting topic, those who love you, in the occupation of sports to have to leave, this is to happen, maybe one day someone took my place." 's unique sense of humor always makes it impossible for us to go deep into the topic, so remember to ask some questions that are not very deep in the interview.|: Brunswick Bowling bowling - Yancheng zero distance 3 CpBA student WLMS sharing second days starts at nine in the morning, the first station sign is a question written by students, draw lots and answer questions, only one was drawn to the students, and it was very good that President Guo Jiansheng's question was pulled by Rash in add one, CpBA He Pengfei, and go up to then the morning before ten is one by one guide, you only need to do an action, they will immediately find and point out your problem, real-time translation of national referee Chen Han very professional, concise in place, WL to harvest more one by one CpBA Ding Tianbao, Shanghai, directing CpBA Sun Hongwei, Shanghai, directing CpBA Hongkong Alan Chu guidance CpBA Lin Jianfeng, Shanghai, directing goes back to the classroom at ten o'clock to explain the training and exercise of the psychological quality of the high level players Lang Mai son Zhao Lusen and CpBA Hongkong Alan live translation is very handsome and great. The translation combination has profound experience in understanding all aspects of the ball, accurate translation, and the natural understanding of the curve can understand the benefit of . Chuck Yanga den Nar speaks fully interact with the students and analyze the psychological adjustment of the first few players in the match yesterday, yesterday, champion teacher's patience in the game was stressed by the teacher of CpBA Ji'nan CpBA Hangzhou Yiyue Wu Baoguo in the first row of class, there are more CpBA members here to learn is the first rookie quarterback for years to get a passing touchdown seems not need very long, but his name is not John Mansel (Johnny Manziel). Derek - Carle (Derek Carr) is the first week of the regular season the first rookie quarterback, when he was in the first section there are 2 minutes and 50 seconds, pass to wide receiver Rudi Stelter (Rod Streater) to complete the third 5 yard touchdowns, let Oakland Raiders in the 7 to 3 lead and New York jets. Carle of the game 7 7 151 yards and 2 touchdowns, while in Pittsburgh Manzel sent more. But the Raiders eventually lost 14 to 19 to the jet.

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