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even-even soccer equipment network noisy a summer of speculation in the morning was finally settled, the French giants Paris Saint Germain officially announced that Neymar has joined the team. Brazil King Zhou of Paris Saint Germain Club representatives signed a five year contract, which means that Neymar will be wearing the Paris shirt until 2022. Before this, Paris will direct the penalty hit Neymar's account, to activate the Baltimore the 222 million euro Neymar contract, he was forcibly taken to france. This price also let Neymar leapfrogged bogeba, became a new world standard. Of course, Neymar's price is 2 times more than Pogba. Neymar from Santos to Barcelona, composed of football's most horrible MSN kill with Messi and Suarez, with his superb skills and high scoring rate proved to be TOP3 players in world football over the past few years. It is no exaggeration to say that after Messi and C, Neymar is the most powerful player in the golden ball award, and is the future quasi golden ball. by virtue of their highly ornamental style of football, Neymar has a huge number of fans all over the world, at club level he ha cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s won 15 titles, now move to Paris Saint Germain, Neymar's goal is clear, is to lead Paris into a new era, bring more trophies for the club, and for the Golden Globe Award for their.NFL's official website, said the Green Bay has the ability to hold not to lose the Philadelphia grand draft, football nest June 23rd news of the three day draft in 2016 attracted 250 thousand people. But not only big cities can attract such large crowds. The Green Bay is one of the small cities that are trying to hold a draft. The chairman of the Tourism Bureau said that he believed that the Green Bay had the space to hold the draft, and that the people here were eager to hold the draft. but the Green Bay has to consider how to make room for the guests. They have only 4700 rooms at the moment, 3000 of Appleton in the neighbouring town, and Philadelphia has more than 35000 rooms. NFL hopes that the show will be enough to attract fans to fly across the United States. The size of the Green Bay may not be big enough, but they will try to convince NFL that they can do it. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.NFL????|??????????????????????????????|????? Paul Richardson took over (Paul Richardson) at the end of the second season of the Seattle seahawks. Saturday Seahawks putting him on injured reserve list, then ran Wei Du Wang - Harris (DuJuan Harris) to the list from the training promotion group. this autumn is not easy for Richardson. He started the season because of the injury of the knee cruciate ligament in the playoffs last season. In tenth weeks against the Arizona Cardinals game in the game Richardson return after completing a 40 yard ball after hamstring strain, this is the only time this year to catch him. his hamstring injury did not recover, so we are very disappointed that he did not return, coach Pete Carol (Pete Carroll) said. The recovery time of the injury was a little longer. He still felt a pain in the process of trying to train and try to get him back, so the situation didn't develop as we wanted. in the second round of the last season's draft, Richardson was occasionally flashing at his own speed in the rookie season. While Harris is in the squad for his entire career in the occupation as a substitute, he played for the Minnesota Vikings, Jacksonville jaguars, Pittsburgh Steelers, New Orleans saints and the Green Bay packers. lost the speed of Richardson will not help to have lost the near end Jimmy - Graham (Jimmy Graham) the Seahawks offensive team, but the Seahawks this season has taken over the young and the absence of such results achieved.The official website of NFL | ray Weiss, Gelon kousky dismissed the Seahawks player | provocative football the new England patriots dismissed their Super Bowl rival Seattle Seahawks player malicious provocation. in the Patriot won the American League game, cornerback Daryl Lives (Darrelle Revis) promised not to answer all and together with him in the team of the Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) problem. When was asked on Friday that Sherman kept saying how many of the league's best corner guards had bothered him, ray Weiss responded that it was good. Then he turned his head in another direction to change the topic. Although ray Weiss refused to answer admirable, this is Friday near end front Robert '(Rob Gronkowski) - Gelon refused to be involved with the Seahawks cornerback Jay Ryan (Jeremy Lane) - Remy slobber war over. The Seahawks cornerback bench told reporters Thursday that voters get all the votes in the team of the Gelon Sikorski is overrated. Everyone can have their own views, he said. I just want to continue to work hard in training, to continue to improve in training, to continue to prepare the game, to continue to play. He then praised the Seahawks defensive very very very good. Although Biliqieke coach Aigo star and stern, trismic Bill (Bill Belichick) is consistent, it is safe to say that Ryan's speech has attracted all eyes. Asked the light child attitude have let him angry, Gelon 'concise answer, may. the last time the two teams played in the 2012 season, Qiang Wei emphasized - money Eisner (Kam Chancellor) and linebacker K.J. Wright (K.J. Wright) is mainly responsible for the task of marking 'gloon. If Ryan was moved to cornerback or slot is proximal to front secret groups instead of marking the history of the NFL's most dominant for the NFL fans is too bad.

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