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The official website of NFL | Guder on "bleeding", said the most important | football game integrity Roger Roger Goodell, President of NFL, has not seen any public appearances since last month's ban on Tom Brady. On Friday, local time, Godell attended a press conference on the hall of fame and talked about his views on the gas gate. Godell said: fair and good faith in the game is the most important, which we have been trying to maintain, and the rules are equal to everyone. My job is to let the players and coaches go to our fans and partners to understand that this sport must be carried out under the rules and regulations. This is also part of our values. to ban Brady, Godell did not want to talk about, said all over to the legal process. He said: first of all, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Brady is a great athlete, but also a brilliant young people. Secondly, we just announced the result of punishment last week. Now we are still in the process of litigation. We need to prove that we are actually punished according to the rules and regulations. We have been discussing this punishment for a long time, and the final decision is based on the content of the labor negotiation agreement.NFL????|????-??íž?????????????????|????? in the offseason, Toni Romo (Tony Romo) underwent back surgery. Since then, questions have been questioned, and people are beginning to wonder if he is still one of the best 10 quarterback in the league. In the game against Saint Louis rams last week, Romo made a cross pass in the second quarter and was turned back by his opponent. After that, Romo began to fight back in question and proved himself once and again. After being intercepted 15 passes, Romo completed 12 times, with 172 yards with 2 touchdown passes. After the game, Romo said in an interview, "I feel great. It feels like everything is burning." I didn't behave so well in the first two weeks, and the injury might be one of the reasons. But I have to overcome them and try my best to make the best of it. Luomoben game quarterback score 116.8, is his last season with Denver since fifth weeks after a game high horse. He used his legs to get rid of the difficult times, seize the key opportunity to help the team win. The boss Jerry - Jones (Jerry Jones) said: he let the team out of the ordinary. Although the team is not in the best position, you see, he is quick, accurate, to help the team win with his own ability. He's sure to be excited about today's game, too. Although DeMarco - Murray (DeMarco Murray) was severely see anti defense, also as in the past problems, but he still led the team in their own way forward, finally rescued from the team in the two digit disadvantage.even-even soccer equipment network Orlando city into the American occupation football league, in the upcoming 2018 season, Adidas announced their second jersey. The "origin kit" is a compliment to the fans and will add new colors to the visitors.The official website of NFL | Panther linebacker base Klee weakness: cannot grow scary beard | football Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Jikeli (Luke Kuechly) for rival quarterback is a formidable opponent, but he has a weakness in the playoffs -- he couldn't grow a scary face beard. I tried but it looks terrible, Jikeli of Carolina media said. They say well, if you can't grow a beard you have to have a longer hair. Jikeli teammate Greg Olsen Feng proximal (Greg Olsen), center Ryan Kalil (Ryan Kalil), linebacker Ben Jacobs (Ben Jacobs) and right tackle Mike ray "(Mike Remmers) in the long beard out scary efforts more successful. Jikeli told reporters on Thursday that he can't remember the last time when the barber is what. He was glad that someone had finally noticed his long hair. when the distance to the super bowl of Denver wild horse is getting closer and closer, the playoff beard and hair should be the least thing he needs to worry about.

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