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on Wednesday local time, the University of Georgia announced that former Saint Louis rams offensive coordinator Blaine Shuteng's (Brian Schottenheimer) will become the team's new offensive coordinator. He also subsequently confirmed the news, and the expression of Shuteng's thanks and best wishes. 's Shuteng in a personal statement said: "for me, this is a good chance. Joining Georgia is good for my career and my family. I am excited to be able to join such an excellent school and work with a lot of excellent coaches and staff. I am looking forward to helping those young people to have a positive impact on them, from the sports, academic, social and other aspects of helping them. the pas cheap nfl jerseys free shipping t 3 seasons, Shuteng's RAM has been the offensive coordinator, however the total score of the team were ranked twenty-first and twenty-fifth twenty-first in the league. Shuteng's always can not show the reason of their ability in team quarterback Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford) have always been plagued by injuries. He last played in the regular season, or in the October of the 2013 season. Although from a tactical perspective, Shuteng's does not bring much change to the ram, but his ability has always been recognized by the team and the fans. At present, this talented young team needs a new coordinator to stimulate their potential.The time was suspended Monday Cleveland Brown took over Josh Gordon (Josh Gordon), suggesting that in his Snapchat days before the friendship with Brown came to an end. this is the decision of the Brown management group and Gordon to negotiate, or Gordon's own personal idea is not yet known. recently Gordon has kept his training status, and hopes to return to the stadium as soon as possible. If he can get those days off, let him return to the field and complete 10 yards in 1000 yards, then he deserves the chance to play in next season. now we only know that the alliance will deal with Gordon's application as soon as possible, but don't forget that he has repeatedly violated the drug abuse regulations of the alliance.are you looking for the Adrian - Pedersen (Adrian Peterson) shirt? Nike has recently made a decision, because the Vikings running back the scandal, and his allegations of child abuse, Nike related goods shelves all Peterson two in the city, so if you are in Minneapolis and St Paul, the two city, it can only say you good luck. now people can only buy Pedersen's goods online. Due to the pressure of public opinion, sponsors have to respond to the players who are ugly accusations, from Ray Rice to Pedersen. The hotel chain sponsors gradually banned with the Vikings, beer factory sponsors is also very concerned about the further treatment on domestic violence and child abuse alliance events.The official website of NFL | der von Sfer: Li Ya cancer has been cured | football A lot of things in life may be more important than American football. Leah Still's efforts to fight the battlefield of cancer are far from what we can compare on the court. Recently, the Cincinnati tigers defensive line, Devon Still, announced on his Instagram that his daughter's cancer was cured. got cancer in 2014 and the possibility of survival was less than 50%. The tigers last year although the cut but still der von put him in the training list, and he eventually returned to the list successfully completed 12 games. was laid off in September this year, Der von he and his daughter, but won the victory in the battle of cancer.

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