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Saint Louis goats will have the best backcourt attack combination in the league. As this year's first round pick in the biggest surprise, a choice of rams running back Todd (Todd Gurley) Karli in tenth, he will partner Trevor Mason (Tre Mason), with help from multi angle attack group for the rams. ??????????2012?????????|?????????????????? In the National League West, construction team idea ram is very similar to the Seattle Seahawks and the 49 people in San Francisco, the ground offensive strong defensive plus high will be the foundation of victory. With Nick - Fowles (Nick Foles) joining, the team has also been strengthened in the quarterback position. The attack mode of the new season rams is worth looking forward to. last season, missed a lot of games because Karli injured knee anterior cruciate ligament, but this does not affect his draft appeal. At present, his injury recovery is more optimistic, will not affect the main training plan of the new season. Gly is regarded as the next horse Sean Lynch (Marshawn L cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ynch). He can find opportunities in a very small space, and has excellent vision, strength and acceleration ability. Green's joining also made the ram another runner Zach Stacy (Zac Stacy) aware that he was in trouble. He was surprised to publish his state on personal network social media, but then removed the state. A reporter revealed that Stacy will leave or put forward to apply to the rams in the next few days.The official website of NFL | patriot boss Kraft support the Raiders moved to Las Vegas | football at least one heavyweight NFL boss supports the Oakland Raiders' plan to move to Las Vegas. new England patriot boss Robert Kraft (Robert Kraft) has told the media that he will support the Mark Kraft Davies (Mark Davis), who is moving to Las Vegas under the circumstances of failing to get the contract of the new stadium. I think it's good for NFL, Kraft said. I know Mark Davies is trying to find a way in Oakland. If they can't make a new contract... I want to support him. , such as NFL official website Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported last week, Davies has been very willing to work hard to stay in Oakland, but he has no confidence for the team to win the contract. Last month Davies moved to move the team to Oakland and was willing to contribute $500 million to a new stadium worth $1 billion 400 million. Kraft said the link between Las Vegas and gambling should not be a reason for a team to move there. , before a team can move, has 24 of the 32 NFL team owners to support the proposal. This year January, team boss agree if San Diego did in the next year before the implementation of January lightning moved to Losangeles option Raiders can return to Losangeles.The official website of NFL | A Ryans: Palmer need to hurry | football last November, the Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer) a knee injury early goodbye to the season. From that moment, the record of the League of nations, a sudden turn for the worse, eventually lost the semi-final. In the presence of Palmer, the Cardinals played 8 wins and 1 best record in the league, but after 8 games, they only won 3 games. The season, the Cardinals goal is further, the veteran team needs to return as soon as possible, to lead the team forward. Coach Bruce - A Ryans (Bruce Arians) said in an interview that he knew that there was not much time left for him. The team is made up of different players in various positions, but the quarterback is the most important. We need him. now, Palmer's recovery is very optimistic, he has been able to properly participate in the training of 7 to 7. However, at this stage, A Ryans does not intend to arrange for him to take part in the 11 - to - 11 full field training. Palmer said: I realized that there was not much chance of leaving me. I have to accept the reality and try to do better. Palmer played in 15 games, he scored 13 victories, passing success rate up to 64.5%, 27 touchdowns, and steals 12 times, scoring 96.1.The official website of NFL | Palmer was chosen as the site on mid season MVP| football professional football commentary website Pro Football Focus will be the Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer) for mid season MVP. so far this season, Palmer is the League touchdowns, passing yards and passing scores of the top five quarterback, his selected defeated Tom Brady (Tom Brady) and Newton (Cam Newton) - cam. A commentator from PFF said the return of a serious knee injury has conquered the fans with surprising performance. If it is another season perhaps Brady and Newton will become the first, but this season they as Palmer. The 35 year old veteran showed us his ability to pass 2386 yards, 20 and 110.2 quarterback scores. Seattle Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) coached Palmer at the University of Southern Calif, he said: "this season I've seen him the best season. He had a good match with the attack team and he was able to finish the coach well. This season the Cardinals alliance is the second high scoring team, and Palmer each passing yards than other league quarterback.

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