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Nike AeroSwift weaving is also a powerful visual charm. The structured and protective structure of the front chest of the Jersey shows the aesthetic effect of "superhero". "We are focused on creating a sense of comfort rather than tension," Loti said. "Therefore, it is important to avoid jerseys while pressing the body while avoiding jerk. The athletes' feedback on comfort is critical. " When it comes to football, people usually think of it as a foot and leg movement. However, Nike's design team is also concerned about the design of the upper body of the football game in a continuous movement. "We didn't pay much attention to the design of the shoulders in the past, so this time we wanted to improve it," Loti said. "The suitable and stretched knitting technology we use on the shoulder extends from the collar to the arm."The official website of NFL | ram leave to join University of Georgia | football offensive Coordinator on Wednesday local time, the University of Georgi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping a announced that former Saint Louis rams offensive coordinator Blaine Shuteng's (Brian Schottenheimer) will become the team's new offensive coordinator. He also subsequently confirmed the news, and the expression of Shuteng's thanks and best wishes. Shuteng's personal statement said: for me, this is a good chance. Joining Georgia is good for my career and my family. I am excited to be able to join such an excellent school and work with a lot of excellent coaches and staff. I look forward to helping those young people to have a positive impact on them, from sports, academic, social and other aspects of helping them. the past 3 seasons, Shuteng's RAM has been the offensive coordinator, however the total score of the team were ranked twenty-first and twenty-fifth twenty-first in the league. Shuteng's always can not show the reason of their ability in team quarterback Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford) have always been plagued by injuries. He last played in the regular season, or in the October of the 2013 season. Although from a tactical perspective, Shuteng's does not bring much change to the ram, but his ability has always been recognized by the team and the fans. At present, this talented young team needs a new coordinator to stimulate their potential., since last month's Doug Doug (Doug Martin) launched a transfer rumor in the training field, the runner has cast a shadow over the future of the Tampa Bay pirates. Moreover, after the rookie season, Martin's average distance of the ball is only 3.25 yards, which is not satisfactory. now Charles Sims (Charles Sims) the main task of the injury and bear the backcourt, Martin's position gradually seem somewhat redundant and awkward. As Chris Johnson (Chris Johnson) did in the last days of the Tennessee Titan team, Martin also lacked enough vision and patience, so it was hard for him to throw away the defensive players. news said the pirates will use more Sims and Bobby Rainey (Bobby Rainey) after the combination, and Mike - James (Mike James) will continue to bear the short code number of tasks, it is clear that Martin has lost the team in a space for one person in the summer, went to another team to become their own style the best choice.The official website of NFL | Cleveland Brown two players arrested Christmas | football Cleveland Brown, the outer guard, Armonty Bryant, won't play the next match against Kansas City chieftain because of being arrested on Friday morning. according to the local court records show that Bryant and Brown teammates deante - Saunders (De'Ante Saunders) due to the 60 mph limit range of driving speed reached 75 miles per hour and was stopped by the police. Saunders, who drove, refused to take a blow test. local police said Saunders was arrested for driving after drinking. In addition, they are also Saunders's car seized a pistol. The information on the gun will be reported to the local prosecutor's office because Saunders does not have permission to carry the gun. , and Bryant, has been carrying the prescription drug Adela (a psychotropic drug) without a prescription. If he can't issue a prescription, he will be charged with a crime. general manager Brown ray (Ray Farmer) - French Moore said in a statement Saturday morning team to 5.5 sacks ranked team of Bryant and Saunders was arrested in second after it was stopped by traffic police. This is some of the charges that we will take seriously, Farmer said. The importance of making responsible decisions is emphasized by all members of the team. This makes the two members feel very disappointed because of making bad decisions. Farmer also said the matter would be regulated by NFL's personal behavior regulations. this is not the first time Bryant has violated the law. When he was still in college in 2012, he was arrested for selling marijuana. After being selected by Brown in 2013, he was arrested at the school stadium due to a wine drive.

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