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The official website of NFL | bears and Mcphee crow outside linebacker signed 5 years | football Chicago bears seem to be hibernating before the free market opens, but they wake up strongly on Tuesday local time. According to the NFL official website reporter, the bear team has agreed with a former Baltimore Raven Nell Mcphee (Pernell McPhee) on a 5 year contract worth about 40 million. The bears have been hoping to regain their proud defense, and they have been watching the defensive players on the market. Mcphee's arrival will immediately improve the team's impact. During the time of the crow, Mcphee showed a very comprehensive ability. He was able to play both as a line guard and in the defensive front. Last season, he has also been a guest series of defensive intercepts, the effect is surprising. According to PFF (ProFootballFocus) showed that the scoring system of Mcphee in 3-4 outside linebacker in total after Justin Houston (Justin Houston). McAfee's previous record of the season is 616, and we have reason to believe the 26 year old defensive genius and the room for progress. The bear team has made up the defensive team in the free market for two consecutive seasons, but their anti - running level in the past 2 seasons is a nightmare. How to solve this problem is the priority among priorities team offseason.2016 regular season twelfth Thursday cheap nfl jerseys free shipping night race wars @ Thanksgiving Steelers pony 〉 〉 〈 〈 broadcast address; Pittsburgh Steelers and Indiana Colts on Thursday night will give the fans a wonderful Thanksgiving war. Both teams are now hoping to compete for the playoffs. This match is very important for both sides. The two teams without defensive ties are likely to dedicate a wonderful offensive feast to the fans. The pony will host the first Thanksgiving in the team history, which is the first time since 2007 for their holidays. At halftime, the Colts will two hall of Famers: coach Toni Deng Ji and Malvin took over the Harrison Hall of fame ring ceremony held. Last week, the Colts four points Andrew ruck came 262 yards and 2 touchdowns, helping defeat with district rivals Tennessee Titan pony. At present, the pony's record is 5 - 5, only 1 wins in Dezhou, and the promotion of the playoffs is still hopeful. Pittsburgh Steelers was the first to respond in one of the Thanksgiving war team, in 1939 and 1940 they completed back-to-back Thanksgiving game and the Philadelphia. Beat Cleveland Brown in week 24 than in 9 games, Pittsburgh Steelers Paowei column viand Baer scored 201 yards and 1 yards mixed ball touchdown run. Throughout the game, Steelers defensive team quarterback Kessler Brown gave 8 sacks and successful opponent audience only scored 209 yards. Shaun James - Harrison in the game with 1 sacks, the 38 year old occupation career total to 77.5 opponent sacks, the successful ascent of the Steelers history sacks list. broadcasting platform: Guangdong sports sina sports Tencent video PPTV music vision sports Iqiyi 100 view Ali sports NFL Chinese website commentator: Zhang YunPatrick - Peterson (Patrick Peterson) clearly understands the value recognition of NFL for the corner guard, and he also understands that his value is above the other corners. Peterson is 26 years old this year, he said respect such as what Norman (Josh Norman), Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) and Darrel ray Weiss (Darrelle Ravis) of the top cornerback, but he thinks that he is still not that excellent level. he told USA Today: "I obviously know what is the standard line I said, I show my efforts to the world, what I say is far better than the reflected part of the text, I don't need to brag, because I was a member of the team, I knew I was the strongest, I can to face all kinds of receivers, even in the face of their entire team." Peterson was selected in 2011 and has completed 17 copies, one of which has been copied back to the attack, and the 5 season has been selected for the professional bowl and the three best line-up.NFL????|???-?????????????????????????|????? Author: Fang Ling, NFL Chinese columnist about the collapse, it seems that everyone has a rough look. Zhangpingzhizhan Qin, Zhao and Wang alienate Lian Po, people buy, not two months, Zhao Jun wiped out four hundred and fifty thousand soldiers. The battle of Gaixia, Han Han Han soldiers life every night singing songs of Chu, Chu Jun called homesickness, one hundred thousand army was buried alive, Xiang Yu defeated Wujiang to commit suicide, they lost the Yu Ji Xiang Xiao Yu yun. The battle of Chibi, sun Liu coalition coup fire even defeated Cao Cao ship, a short time unified China dream, Cao Cao returned to the north for the world's ambitions have retreated, and then into the potential of the three kingdoms. The battle of Waterloo, Genghis Napoleon in three hundred thousand Military War Coalition army of seven hundred thousand, Waterloo was defeated, after the defeat of Napoleon was exiled to St. Helena Island, and eventually dies. The hero, or is the hero, seems to fate there are always a debacle. lost about Manning, although in the 2002 season of the American League Wild Card Battle is jet shutout, but that defeat is not painful, but Manning inspired morale, become a turning point in life. The real bitter defeat of Manning's career is approaching with a cold wind at the end of 2013. of the 2013 quarter of the first eleven games, 9 wins and 2 losses, the Manning occupation career, is not such a great achievement, but the 37 year old Manning is a general existence. in the first game, December at Kansas City, was very cold weather but rather because the Mustang and Emirates hot state more blood spray zhang. The first two wave attack of the game, Arrakis - Smith in end zone is the horse steals, Manning ball at the Emirates red zone was stole. Then the chief by more than 120 dB from home court fans with strong momentum, the beginning of the second quarter complete recorded third touchdowns, including Nair Davies (Knile Davis) broke the record in team history 108 yard touchdown return. Manning and Dekker is just a long connection right up front, then also sent second steals. is the key to adjust the ability of Manning, he took over in front of several arrangements at neutral, then let the guards ran short bow horse Benz, although the chief punching strength class pass, but the horse can always find a way to crack. In section third of , Liusi de Ma is still limited, when Monti Bohr's Mustang resorted to bulldozers offensive and Dekker continuous long convey array, Emirates has been unable to stop the Mustang, early in the fourth quarter, Dekker received the fourth touchdowns, just wake up the sleeping lion chief, a 20 stall patience attack, jaymar Charles the perfect end to attack, only 28-35, Mustang behind a ball! The last wave of attack, Arrakis Smith

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