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, now the famous earphone maker Bose has been the official sponsor of NFL. Because of the impact of the $10 thousand event that San Francisco's 49 quarterback, Colin. Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) brought the Beats earphones, Bose decided to distribute the earphones to the NFL players. obviously reacted quickly to Bose, and their emergency response to the Capet Nick incident was very timely. According to Bose, they have sent at least the headphones to the NFL operators, all of which are more than $200, a fairly expensive marketing. But as long as half of the NFL players take their headphones in front of the camera or appear on the day of the game, the Bose will pay off. , of course, those who signed agreements with Bose competitors carry their own brand earphones, like Capet Nick and Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman), who paid 10 thousand dollars last week. one conclusion is that NFL's penalty for players is not just on the shirt, but it tells us that you must know that the biggest interest of the NFL alliance is the dollar. (editors: Yao Fan)tigers June 24th news the New York giant continues to firmly support cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham). "I hope we can have more players like him," team owner John Mara (John Mara) told the local radio program on Thursday. "he knew he had to be mature and better control his emotions," Mara said. "He is trying to do this. But one thing for the child is that when he is in work, no one is more bitter than he is. He's very competitive, even in training. He is eager to win. " Mara did not talk about Beckham's contract and why Beckham did not attend the voluntary offseason training, but he said two recent exchange. It was clear that the communication was going well. Beckham is one of the best players in the league, and he should get that recognition. Until he is no longer such a player, the giant will not consider trying to change his performance on the court and in the field.Liverpool fans burn the Kunio Jersey from the summer window Barcelona publicly expressed interest in Coutinho, to the day before the Barcelona and Liverpool negotiations, the recent half a season Liverpool fans have been nervously watching Coutinho after the bird library now finally got it move to Barcelona, some fans also had a disappointment, some extreme fans is the first time to start burning Coutinho's jersey of Liverpool, to vent their dissatisfaction. in Liverpool and Basa has announced the transfer of Coutinho, shortly after completion, the netizen released burning Coutinho Jersey video in the video, the fans poured petrol on the printed with the name of Coutinho of Liverpool No. 10, and burned with a lighter, and then the Brazil player said this. Liverpool fans burning storebirds' shirts but what Coutinho has to care about now is his new shirt number in Barcelona. After media analysis, Coutinho in the new number of Barcelona is likely to be 7 or 14, the Barcelona Jersey No. 7 in Turan hands, and 14 belong to the departing Mascherano. a part of the Liverpool fans burned Torres's shirt fans burned players Jersey event is not the first time, after the Liverpool striker Fernando Torres move to Chelsea, Liverpool fans had wantonly burning Spanish striker Liverpool shirt in anger; then in another Liverpool striker Suarez and Arsenal came to transfer gossip, some Liverpool fans have been burned in the streets Jersey express anger. Not only the fans of Liverpool will express their dissatisfaction with the way of burning their shirts, but when Neymar moved away from Barcelona this summer to move to Barcelona, some extreme Barcelona fans also publicly burned Neymar's Barcelona Jersey, expressing the break up with the Brazil player. Neymar to leave Barcelona, but also the fans burning anger shirt in order to quell the fans of Coutinho 'dissatisfaction, Liverpool has publicly urged fans by coach klopp sane: "of course, the fans will be disappointed but also can understand; and when you have to say goodbye to a special player when always. But though it's very hard, sometimes it's necessary to accept it. It's part of football and part of life. Everyone has their own dreams and goals. In addition to by Cyclops to persuade, Liverpool officials began to buy those Coutinho Jersey fans economic compensation. According to the "mirror" reported that people who buy a Coutinho shirt from Liverpool official store fans can get 50 pounds worth of vouchers for consumer credit in Liverpool official store. But it is not yet known whether the move can really quell the anger of the fans. (long )The official website of NFL | Bronner: I begged the coach Mathews | football defensive cover super bowl, the Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Chris Mathews (Chris Matthews) to become a member of jones. He scored the ball 4 times, won 109 yards with 1 touchdowns. He failed to catch a ball in the regular season, but he became famous in the super bowl. He has completed 44 yard and 45 yard ball, was one of the people in the process of leading the seahawks. for the Raiders, the new England patriots cornerback Brandon browner (Brandon Browner) said after the game, in the game he had begged the coach about Mathews's use of defensive cover. Blanna said: our defenders are very tall and we need to defend him in a more reasonable way. In third, Mathews finished 45 yards under the defense of Kell Ellington (Kyle Arrington). Despite Ellington's advantage, his figure was still not enough to help him keep the pass. Therefore, safety requirements covering Bronner coach defense on Mathews. After the game, he also expressed the belief that Mathews would have a brighter future in the league.

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