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Central base |2015 national slow cast softball health win event Kunshan opening Cleveland September 19 Kunshan Xinhua (reporter Han Tian) this afternoon, the 2015 National Health slow pitch softball final win in the grand opening of Jiangsu city of Kunshan province sports ecological park baseball field. This competition is divided into three groups: the social happy A group (SOCIAL team), the social happy B group (school team) and the University happy group, attracting 33 teams from all over the country and different industries. A total of 632 slow throw softball fans took part in the competition, and the number of participants increased to a new height. the game is guided by the State Sports General Administration of mass sports department, sponsored by the State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center bangleiqiu hand song, China Softball Association, Chinese Collegiate Athletic Association Baseball and Softball Association, Kunshan Sports Bureau, Kunshan Municipal People's government, Zhou town of Kunshan city of Taiwan compatriots Investment Enterprises Association, Kunshan City Association of Taiwan compatriots investment enterprise alliance and Kunshan win a Softball Baseball Club Co. vice chairman of the International Softball Federation, the State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center bangleiqiu hand song, deputy director of China Softball Association vice president talks Orioles, director of the Kunshan Municipal Sports Bureau Min Hongwei, Zhou Kunshan city town Party Secretary Shi Hongliang, Kunshan city mayor Cai Zhou Town People's gove cheap nfl jerseys free shipping rnment force leaders and other guests attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony of was chaired by the Deputy Secretary General of the China Softball Association, Zheng Lu. Cai Li, mayor of Zhou Town, Kunshan, first introduced the basic situation of the slow throw softball healthy win final, and warmly welcomed the athletes from all over the country. vice chairman of the International Softball Federation, the State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center bangleiqiu hand song, deputy director of China Softball Association vice chairman in the talks Orioles opening ceremony, she first affirmed the slow pitch softball in the rapid development of Kunshan, and the Kunshan municipal government, Sports Bureau for slow pitch softball project support and pay thanks, but she also hope that all players can enjoy the game, know more about Kunshan Kunshan, had a good time in Kunshan. in a joyous atmosphere, Min Hongwei, the director of Kunshan Sports Bureau, announced the opening of the national slow throw softball healthy win 2015 finals. Hundreds of athletes threw a hat to the sky to celebrate this baseball carnival. (finished)The official website of NFL | former Heisman winner Troy Smith was arrested because of drunk driving | football former Ohio State University quarterback and Heisman winner Troy Smith (Troy Smith) was arrested in Ohio on Sunday morning, he was charged with drunk driving and possession of marijuana. , according to local police, was stopped by police at 2:30 a.m. Sunday at 2:30 a.m., who was accused of driving, carrying marijuana and failing to place the license correctly. Smith was then released. , 31, was a 31 year old Smith who worked for Ohio State University from 2003 to 2006. He was Baltimore crow selected in 2007 fifth round draft. Smith also worked for 49 people in San Francisco for a year in 2010. He then worked for the joint rugby league and the Canadian Rugby League, and announced his retirement in 2014. In the NFL effect during his passing a total of 1734 yards and 8 touchdowns 5 passes by steals.Confessions of a | NFL official website: the second generation immigrants did not want to play football NFL| a new phase of the player's prose. American football is a typical gourmet sport, and the people involved in it are basically American. But in the NFL football game, there are still some foreign / second generation immigrant players. They are not like American players who have been infected in a strong Rugby atmosphere. They are both in the process of growth or early or late into the football. Today we'll take a look at the New York fighter jetting 68 Breno Giacomini. It's about how the two generation of Brazil immigrants grew from a football country's kid to a professional rugby player. life cycle When was in Grade 6, my life had changed forever. at that time my father worked as a maintenance worker at the Marriott Hotel. There was a new England patriot party at a dinner party. He knew there would be a rich meal, so he decided to go to work with me when I had to go to school and go to bed in second days. I had a very popular patriot player jacket in the 90s. Dad said to me: you can take the jacket with Drew Bledsoe to sign you, he's a tall man, you are a tall man, and you like to play the quarterback. (dear jet fans: I was in Grade 6 at that time, and I lived in Malden on the side of Boston, so I was a patriotic fan of course. It's not my fault. Now? I hate them, just like you! we later found that it was a formal dinner, and thought it was impossible to sign in, but Bledsoe didn't care about it. He signed my jacket. my Dad might not know it - that changed my life. Really, I saw the star quarterback that I could only see on TV and signed my jacket. From then on, he immediately became my model of action, and I had been wearing the jacket until I couldn't wear it any longer. is very common for many American kids. But one thing is different. I am a first generation of Americans (or the second generation of immigrants). my parents are immigrants from Governador Valadares, which is located in Brazil city of Minas gerais. My father grew up on a farm, and my mother was a cashier in the grain market where his father bought and sold bean rice. Like many Brazilians, their life was forced to grow rapidly, only know that hard, two individuals have not graduated from high school, every day they work only for life. 〈〉The official website of NFL | governor of Minnesota senator: Vikings Football should be suspended | Peterson for the Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) on the governor's office not supporters. Minnesota governor Mark Dayton (Mark Dayton) local time on Tuesday, it is announced that the Vikings Peterson will play this week against the New Orleans saints game issued the following statement: that's a bad decision. Yes, Mr. Peterson should go through legal procedures and be innocent until 'proof of guilt.' But he was a public figure; his behavior, as described earlier, was publicly disgraced by the Vikings and Minnesota. The act of beating the child to the naked eye to see the extent of the scar should not be tolerated in our state. Therefore, I think the team should be banned from the Peterson display until the child abuse charge is resolved by the criminal department. but I won't give up Vikings and their fans as some people suggest. The Vikings belong to the people of Minnesota and Minnesota, and this is the only home of the team. Our people, including me, are their most loyal fans. Minnesota Senator Al Franken (Al Franken) and later also issued the statement: Peterson heard that what happened on this child was heartbreaking, Senator Franken said. I'm a Viking fan, and it's one of my favorite things to do on Sunday since I was a child. But the behavior of child abuse is wrong, and I think the Vikings made a wrong decision on this. This should be the law enforcement departments to deal with, it must be through legal procedures, but I think that until the program before Adrian Peterson should not be allowed to play. Many children adore these players, and the Vikings can't signal that what's happening now is acceptable. It's more important than the game. Peterson was accused of being injured by recklessness or negligence last Friday, and then he did not play on Sunday in a game in which the team lost to the Patriots.

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