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has a week to go to the super bowl, and the new England patriots' preparations are in full swing. To their delight, no player was absent from training for some reason, and their training place was still Danner Farber indoor. patriots in the three training session of the week are selected in the room, this is because this year's Super Bowl game will be held in the warm and dry Arizona Feinikesi University Stadium, in order to allow the players to adapt to the competition environment as soon as possible, the depths of the cold Massachusetts they can walk into indoor, open to the air conditioner due to the temperature. In the semi finals of the Baltimore Raven group, continued to participate in the training of Bryan Stork, a new rookie injured by her right knee. From his positive performance in training, Blaine's comeback in the super bowl was not a big problem.The official website of NFL | the new cheap nfl jerseys free shipping season of the Denver Broncos have an unexpected problem to be solved | football Denver wild horse may not be able to use Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) in the new season, instead of letting him play the quarterback, but let him buy the naming right of the stadium. previously named home court of all the companies Mustang Sports Authority, recently declared bankruptcy, but they have nearly $20 million sponsorship for 5 years to pay, so they began looking for new buyers, but so far only a local marijuana company is willing to bid. if there are no buyers at that time, Sports Authority will not perform the contract, and perhaps the home of the wild horse will be opened without a name. The good news for for wild horses is that no matter which new naming business is replaced, their contracts will be at least $400 million -4.5 20-25 years.The lion wide receiver Kenny Song Di (Kenny Golladay) hamstring injuries has not ended. He missed two days this week after training on Friday, official confirmation will not play against the Steelers game. the rookie in the season opener against the cardinals in the brisk performance, the completion of the two receiving touchdowns. took over the Gordon Tate (Golden Tate) this week may be unable to determine the play. He has been restricted to training for his shoulder injury.automatic playback switch automatically play Tracy McGrady career highest score scored 62 points wins the battle wizards are loading... NBA has a long and brilliant history, and countless players have performed their own legendary performances. These performances are worthy of respect and need to be remembered. Let's see what is worth remembering in the history of today (the following is American time) - 1948 was born March 10th Knight legend 70 years ago, former NBA player Austen - Carle (Austin Carr) was born in Washington. Carle is 1 meters tall, 88. He was the top champion in 1971. He served nine seasons for the Cleveland knights, and his career contributed 15.4 points, 2.9 rebounds and 2.8 assists. He was selected as the all star in the 1973-74 season. In 1961 and March 10, 1963, Chamberlain became a "empty chop" 57 years ago today, Chamberlain played for Philadelphia warriors. He scored 32 points and 35 rebounds in the face of Detroit pistons, but the team still lost 103-120. But with this game, "commander" to become the NBA's first single season scoring total breakthrough 3000 players that season, Chamberlain averaged 38.4 points. 55 years ago today, Chamberlain single scored 70 points, still no match scored in double figures nine Sylla Chus of the national team, the game played 148-163 high score. 1982 March 10th, "the top of the water goods" was born 36 years ago, center Kwame Brown was born in Charleston, South Carolina. Brown in the 2001 draft by Michael Jordan appointed as the champion show, he also became the first champion in NBA history of senior high school students. But Brown's career is flat, with only 6.6 points and 5.5 rebounds. In March 10th 1985 won 700 wins and coached the legendary coach 33 years ago today, Dallas Mavericks beat New Jersey nets 126-113, and Mavericks coach Dick Mota (Dick Motta) became the fourth chief coach to win 700 regular season games in history. Mota, born in 1931, taught at NBA for 25 years, with a total record of 935 wins and 1017. 1986 March 10th "big bird" cut 50+11 32 years ago today, Larry - Bird on behalf of the Boston Celtics played the 33 throw in 18, scored 50 points and 11 rebounds and 5 assists, but the team still lost to the Dallas Mavericks 115-116. 1987 March 10th data blowout 〉

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