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The official website of NFL | lions rookie tight end: I overrated | football when near end Eric - ebran (Eric Ebron) in last year's draft, tenth overall by the Detroit lions selected, many people regard him as the next Jim - Graham (Jimmy Graham). In November, however, he was selected as the most disappointing rookie on the NFL official website. On Wednesday, local time, Hebron talked about his rookie season, and he thought he was overestimated. Hebron said: This is the reality. The media overpromoted me and put me in an environment that did not belong to me. Taking part in the draft, being selected and playing for the team, the problem is originally simple, but the media has complicating it. Now, my rookie season is over, the only thing I can do now is to continue to improve. Hebron's performance in the second half of the season improved. He has played 25 times this season, 15 of which came from the next 7 weeks. Hebron is currently the biggest problem lies in the tactical understanding, he needs Study hard in the offseason the team's offensive tactics. To be the first, he needs to do more for the team. Hebron's future is still worth looking forward to in spite of the unpleasant opening. Graham rookie season only the ball 356 yards, this figure soared to 1310 yards in the second season. The same situation also happened in Jordan Cameron (Jordan Cameron) and Julius Thomas (Julius Thomas). They all waited until the third season, then usher in a real outb cheap nfl jerseys free shipping reak.For the year | fina water polo | Huang Xuechen | Cao Yuan | Liu Huixia dengbang Liu Huixia and Chen Ruolin sports shoes off the habit for a long time, arranged in a bag, put on the afternoon to buy new shoes, Liu Hui Xia stood up and tried to walk away...... In the face of such a heavyweight award, she pays special attention to dress up. The fina awards ceremony held in Qatar in Doha last night, on the 2014 annual best athletes were commended. The 17 year old China teenager diving Liu Huixia won the best female athlete fina diving, Cao Yuan won the best male athlete seal. The best synchronized swimmer of the year was picked up by Chinese famous Huang Xuechen. Three days before went to Doha to win the prize, Huang Xuechen learned the good news. She was very surprised and said with a smile, carefully prepared speech English. Very honored to receive this award, I will work hard in preparation for the next World Championships in kazan. 3 Asian Games gold medals, 3 World Cup gold medals, this year is the harvest year of Huang Xuechen, the stage of her smile is very brilliant. The Yellow Xuechen upset victory over Russian enemies is a major breakthrough Chinese synchronized swimming made, after the awards over the years by Russia's monopoly. Liu Huixia confessed that he didn't think he could win a prize or even know what he had to say. This is the first time I have won such an important award. I was very happy and excited. Liu Huixia's performance this year is equally impressive. The World Cup women's double 10 meter race champion, the personal 10 meter platform runner up, the Inchon Asian Games double 10 meter platform champion, and the world diving series individual and two person 10 meter champion. At the end of the award ceremony, two people hurried to the airport. There are no translations in these three days, and two people are 'living on each other's life. Liu Huixia said with a smile. As a big sister Huang Xuechen to stir up the beam, overwork, frequency of use of English now more and more high, shortly before the world cup with all of their learned words, this time is. Go back and learn English well. Speaking, Huang Xuechen laughed heartily. Cao margin failed to arrive at the award for the visa issue. In addition, 8 swimmers from swimming, water polo, high diving and open water swimming were awarded, including Close, a famous swimmer of South Africa and Hoss, a Hungarian general. Fina also the best coaches, reporters were commended. (Chinese sports newspaper special reporter Li Xueying)The official website of NFL | Su lose their loss, under the unsettled | football season Detroit's male lion defensive end Damm hole Su (Ndamukong Suh) has always been a bad disguise. In 20-24 lost to the Dallas cowboys, Su in the news conference after their loss. During the interview, his eyes were red and his mood was very low. The end of the 2014 season of the lion, the lion's career seems su. In the interview, no reporter asked sue to leave the question directly next season. Most journalists still focus on the controversy of the game. When asked about the alleged foul passing foul in the fourth quarter, Sue said, "now I can't express my view. I haven't 100% understood the reason for that. I'm not sure how the rules are defined, in a word, the referee has made a penalty. Unfortunately, we were defeated at the end of the day, but one attack on a penalty should not decide the result of the whole game. We should have done better in the previous game. previously had experts saying that sue would be very likely to leave the lion at the end of the season. His contract with the team is due to expire at the end of the season, and the two sides have not yet made any progress in the contract renewal. If he chooses to label sue, he will take 26 million of the guaranteed salary from the team, which is unacceptable to the lion. Su, in the last time he was asked to leave the question, said that his future would be decided by a broker. He said the old male lion would not be given any special care, and he would not have a preference when he chose to go home. The lion does not have much salary space to keep the Big Mac. For the fans, if he wants to see Sue continue to wear a blue shirt, he can only expect him to choose a salary reduction. At present, the possibility is very small.Xiamen Siming | Bowling bowling team won the South Division Xiamen Siming South Division Championship Bowling team will take part in the National Championship final held in Guangzhou by the end of the year 20170426 Xiamen network 2017-04-26 00:00 Xiamen Siming bowling team lineup. newspaper news (reporter Lu Pengyu) in Chengdu ended on 2017 before the "Sichuan lottery Cup" National Men's Bowling Championships (South Division), by Huang Jianguo, LAN Yi, Dai, Peng Weiqun, Wu Kairong, Pu Xingyu and more prosperous 6 members of the Xiamen Siming bowling team create success, Beck won the five team champion, won the in the end of the Total Finals held in Guangzhou. According to the Bowling Coach, Siming Xiamen Xingguan bowling general manager Chen Wenchang introduced the game from the beginning of April 15th, including: Men's national Bowling Championships (South Division), the first Chinese bowling tour, Chengdu occupation China bowling open three games, Xiamen Siming team played very well, in addition to five can best embody the team the spirit of the Beck team gold medal, the other two game gains, respectively is the first China bowling tour occupation fifth (Huang Jianguo), Chengdu Chinese bowling open seventh (Chen Wenchang). The is reported to be changing and building a higher standard bowling alley in Xiamen. If it goes well, the Asian and world Bowling Championships are expected. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.

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