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The official website of NFL and | Steelers coach Tomlin's contract until 2018 | football since 1969 Pittsburgh Steelers only three coach, they did not intend to let the boss leave soon. ??????????????????????????????-?????(Mike Tomlin)?????2018?????? The 43 year old Tomlin since 2007 has served as the team coach. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the new contract will let Tomlin become one of the highest three to five coach coach NFL salary but also all sports league. Mike has proved that he is one of the top managers in the league. We are confident that he will continue to lead the team to compete for the next Super Bowl champion, and Art Rooney II, the president of the team, said in a s cheap nfl jerseys free shipping tatement. Tom Lin said in a statement, "I really appreciate this renewal, but my concern has always been on the challenge of facing the 2015 season ahead. In the past nine years, the Steelers for my family is a wonderful experience, and I look forward to pursuing Steelers annual goals for Pittsburgh City, another super bowl champion. Although for a long-term plan for the Steelers Tomlin there is some speculation, a lot of facts on Tomlin in eight seasons: the good, the team never had a losing season, they made the playoffs five times in total. Twice led the team to the Super Bowl Tomlin and win a championship. His regular season was 82 - 46 and he won more than 46 in the playoffs (5 - 4). is similar to the quarterback, and a good coach is hard to find and almost impossible to replace, especially in a rapidly changing competitive environment today. Tomlin has just begun and he wanted to make sure the Steelers feel at home.Doug - Wiley (Doug Whaley) wants to say goodbye to Buffalo. The general manager Bill the entire offseason status is not optimistic, now he is also optimistic: Bill Wiley sacked officials announced Sunday. "after a thorough review of our Rugby operation over the past few months, I and Kim Pegula decided to start a new direction." Terry Pegula, Bill's boss, said, "we enjoy the time with Doug. He is a good man, and we thank him for his contribution to Bill. But I made the decision, and I believe it was the right step for Buffalo Bill. We will soon start looking for the new general manager. " Since Bill hired Sean Mcdermott (Sean McDermott) as the manager of Bill, Mcdermott and Wiley did not stop to see the bad rumors. According to the news, Pegula will be given the right to Mcdermott in the draft. not only that, they have cleared up other staff, including personnel director Jim Jim (Monos) and Kelvin Fisher (Kelvin Fisher). ?????????e??1??-?????Jim Overdorf??????????????After a wave of , the members of the League finally had a new contract. , according to the source, has been informed by the NFL compensation committee that members of the committee, Roger - Goude (Roger Goodell), have signed a new contract. told the bosses that the members (Goude) and the union representative Arthur Blanke (Arthur Blank) had signed the contract renewal contract. The notice also points out that the alliance boss is "almost unanimous" to complete the contract. The reason why the compensation committee used "almost" is because the cowboy boss Jerry Jones (Jerry Jones) has tried to prevent the contract signing. He has been supported by four or five bosses, but that is not enough for him to drive Goodall.Hitter or pitcher? Why Shohei Ohtani's fantasy value is best on the moundShohei Ohtani's first 11 days as an Angel have been nothing short of incredible, both at the plate and on the mound. But since fantasy players have to choose one or the other, Tristan H. Cockcroft breaks down both elements of the rookie's game.

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