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Tennessee Titans hopefully sometime in the middle of the season to use quarterback Marcus Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota) the ability to move, but after seeing some mobile League quarterback showed rapid decline of in the face of repeated impact after they know they have to be careful. coach Ken Whisenhunt (Ken Whisenhunt) tried to solve this problem this week. "the alliance is doing well in the protection of the quarterback, but at any time the quarterback has the risk of moving the ball," Whisenhunt told the local media. "At any time there's a risk that anyone can move the ball, so I don't think you are overly persistent in using his mobility. You have to be smart. Obviously you're not going to want him to have 30 shots in a game, because then you're really going to increase the risk. in college, Mario Kobita was protected by the attack system, which gave him a lot of comfortable offensive options. At the same time, he was faster than almost everyone on the field. It is clear that Whisenhunt does not copy the kipper Kelly (Chip Kelly) on Titan in University of Oregon's tactics, this will bring some problems. In order to avoid some of the has been like Newton Kamm (Cam Newton) and Robert - Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) caused by the negative impact of these are the quarterback impact, Hunter wiesen need those pocket quarterback like protecting the past he has worked with such protection Liotta mali. B cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ut in order to maximize the power of Mario Kobita, he must reduce his bondage to him and make the best plan. What is the solution? Let him as the Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Werwilson (Russell Wilson) play like. , "there will be many opportunities for design, but there will be many opportunities. Just like Russell Wilson plays, when the attack starts, he moves the ball and continues the attack," said Whisenhunt. this is an interesting comparison, but it makes sense as long as Whisenhunt has a similar confidence in Mario Kobita's arm strength. Now, the Seahawks offense seems to be the only perfect suitable for solving the difficulties encountered by mobile quarterback method.The official website of NFL | [attackformation] series of "victory formation" | Rugby is a winning form in American rugby, that is, the leading offense quarterback will kneel immediately after receiving the center serve, usually in the half court or the end of the whole game. The purpose of doing this is to leave the rest of the time (usually only a few seconds). Although the offense will lose some number of codes, this method reduces the chance of dropping the ball to the lowest level, and does not allow the opponent to have the opportunity to counterattack. The use of in the victory formation, the quarterback will not be too more attention on defense, and even do not have any physical contact, especially when defending a lot behind. Both players are more competitive for sports and continue to play on the court. No one is willing to risk injuries for the consequences that cannot be changed. in order to reduce the possibility of dropping the ball, quarterback side usually have stood two running backs, in the event of dropping the ball, running back to immediately approached the ball back; at the same time, they also need to protect the quarterback kneel on the ground, to prevent other defensive players to break through the defense line injury to quarterback. At the same time, there will be a player behind the quarterback. Usually he will stand in a relatively backward position, and be responsible for catching the defensive players who drop the ball. So this player will usually be the guard of the defensive team, or the other defensive team players who are good at tackling. although the time needed for the winning formation is very short, the rule of American football is the end of the game by the end of the time. Therefore, in the case of the other side without a pause, the offense can use the formation for many times to finish the time. formation strategy: The victory formation will be used in addition to the offensive side's winning. It will also be used at the end of the half court, especially when the attacker feels his position is not able to score. In the same way, if a team wants to drag the game into overtime, the winning formation can also be used at the end of the second half. Sometimes, when the offense is behind the big score, you can also choose to use the victory form to avoid the injury. in some rare cases, in order to leave some face to the opponent, the leading side will also use the winning formation, though the game is far from the end. The situation in once appeared in the 2011, the Louisiana State University match against the University of Mississippi. It was 5 minutes from the end of the game, while the Louisiana State University was 52 - 3. Louisiana State University's current coach, Les Miles, ordered the replacement quarterback Zach Maarten Berg (Zack Mettenberger) at the distance of 〉 Miles.In addition to the Senegal national team that has recently joined the PUMA family, PUMA has signed the national team, including Italy national team, Swiss national team, Austria national team, Cameroon national team, Ivory Coast National team, Garner national team and Czech national team. The PUMA football club includes the Dortmund club, the Arsenal Football Club and the Marseilles football club that will join the PUMA family. Anthony · Griezmann (Antoine Griezmann), · Oliver; Giroux (Olivier Giroud), Sergio Aguero (Sergio ·'Kun'Ag ERO), · (Cesc Fà Cesc; Fabregas; bregas), Mario · Balotelli (Mario Balotelli), Hector · Bellerin (Hector Bellerin), Marco · Royce (Marco Reus), Julian · Weigel (Julian Weigl), · (Gianluigi Buffon Gianluigi Buffon;) and · (Yaya Touré Yaya Toure;;) and other top international players are also PUMA under income.The official website of NFL | Michael - Sam's future in Canada? | football Saint Louis ram decided their training team line-up on Monday local time, and did not include Michael Sam (Michael Sam) in the 10 person group. Where is Sam's next destination without any other team interested in him? the Canadian Football League (Canadian Football League) may be a choice. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport CFL) on Monday according to informed sources reported that the Montreal lark team has contacted Sam, but Sam has not responded to the team. Have the exclusive right to negotiate a lark on Sam, (Note: CFL each team can determine accommodate up to 35 free agent negotiation list, they have the exclusive contract negotiation on the list on the right player) and the lark in April this year signed before the famous NFL receiver Chad Johnson (Chad Johnson), the news at that time, become a hot news NFL. in the ram on Saturday before the date of the final cuts squad down to 53, Sam was one of the last cut players. Sam, who had the first gay personality of NFL, got the 6 most successful tackles in the last season of the ram, and he got 3 kill times in the whole pre-season.

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