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Last summer, Adidas launched the "creator studio" digital platform, let the world fans have the opportunity through the platform to create Milan, Munich, Bayern AC Real Madrid, Manchester United, Juventus and Flamengo six club season 2017-18 new second Jersey, all entries in the "battle mode" by netizens voted before 100 the name, followed by each team in the most fashionable players to choose that they will put on a shirt. The classic design ofThe official website of NFL | Newton finally admitted that he did | football injury on Tuesday, coach of the Carolina Panthers, Romania - Lifurui (Ron Rivera) said Newton Kamm (Cam Newton) and was not injured, but no matter who is as long as the eyes can see the lost to the Philadelphia hawks Newton is not 100% of the state. , on Wednesday, Newton stood up and told reporters and denied the coach's remarks on Tuesday. He admitted that he had been hurt. He had not felt stro cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ng for a long time. , he said, was injured and injured, if you asked me you were injured? I'll answer yes, I'm hurt. You asked me a question. Did Newton get hurt? Yes, I was injured. It was an honest answer. So can I be able to play the game? Yes, I may play and continue the game. This is the only thing I can make up to myself. but Newton's tenacity is worthy of recognition, you can make a person believe online after was sacked 9 times and then also said he did not feel hurt? A healthy Newton can bring a victory to the Carolina, but our coach should think about how to protect our super quarterback. Monday night race, Newton's flexible movement and pocket protection barely seen, we kept seeing him fall. Now it seems that Newton's injury may be the result of the game.The official website of NFL | bullet pass interrupted his teammates Vic | finger football 34 years old Michael - MIchael Vick has lost speed, excellent sports talent, and the organizational ability of the game. But the left arm or cannon of a good performance, tight end Geoff Cumberland first training New York jets (Jeff Cumberland) the recent can prove this point. according to the New York Metro times news, last week lost to Buffalo Bill in the game, Vick broke the Cumberland middle finger, then try to connect the Vic Cumberland bullet pass. Cumberland did not confirm the details of the fracture, he said after the game: I tried to catch the ball at the time, but very good location and very clever point of time I have been met. defense Sheldon Richardson (Sheldon Richardson) highly praised Vic: I think he is still in the state, why? He could get the pass, and he broke Geoff's fingers, so I think he's still in his shape. only those players who have worked with Vic know his ability, and the 70 - yard speed ball thrown by his arm is what you can see. But the Cumberland finger fracture because of high speed ball lead, the truth is indeed a bit accident.recently, the Spanish Football Association and its sponsor Adidas announced the Spanish national team's home shirt for the Brazil Federation Cup next year. since 2013 is the 100th anniversary anniversary of the establishment of the Spanish Football Federation, Spain's new home court Jersey also reflects this in some detail design. New Jersey retro style inspired by the Spanish national team jersey 1924 style, the most notable feature is the lateral collar has a big golden V word, a symbol of unity and success, the Spanish national team shirt cuffs of the uniforms of the traditional color in color to adorn the navy. In addition, the chest of the Spanish national team's uniform will be printed with the word "2010 world champion". because of all the members of the national team has not yet completed the assembly, so the Spanish FA will only find some temporary models put on the overall effect of the new In recent years with the shirt is different, the New Jersey by the golden V collar, this is the biggest highlight of the shirt, in fact "Aspen" has pointed out that the V collar as early as 1924, the Spanish National Team Jersey had used the New Jersey into a complex of ancient elements. 's "ASI" view has been recognized by Adidas sponsors, the Adidas company said that choosing retro elements in the New Jersey is a tribute to the past hundred years' dedication to all the Spanish football players. in addition, this shirt and other highlights is the right logo embroidered on the chest on the world championship, this is enough to show four years won three important stakes of the Spanish team domineering, over the next year, the Spanish team will wear the shirt to another has never won a championship trophy - joint cup championship.

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