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The official website of NFL, RAM running back Todd for the new season, Karli optimistic football nest tiger July 9th running back Todd (Todd Gurley) - Karli came to Losangeles after the first season as nightmare. After 's outstanding rookie season, the former best attacking newcomer averaged an average of 3.2 yards per hour, and had little chance to get large yards after bad offensive frontline. In addition, the performance of the ram quarterback's weak position also let the opponent defense team be able to run all out. but in the new coach Sean McVeigh (Sean McVay) came to the team, for their new season Karli again full of hope. I hope so, in Karli asked whether they look forward to the new season will be more altruistic rams offensive team play. Yes, coach. We want to tell the coach made the offensive team satisfaction. Gly also said he would love McVeigh's offense. The NFL official website previously pointed out all the positions of the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ram Jean Geer Leigh in the formation during the mini training camp. in addition, the second grade quarterback Jared gove (Jared Goff) in the offseason also made encouraging progress karli. Goff was more competitive in the mini training camp. Gly's comments this summer and his comments on the state of the team seven months ago were quite different. In the season fourteenth Zhou sheep lost to Atlanta after Gly Falcon said his team looked like a high school team offensive group. In January, he told NFL's official website that last season was a nightmare. is still in the summer, and the goats have not been trained to wear armour. But it sounds Karli has changed from last year's nightmare to recover. After all, as he said, it can't be worse than last year. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bruce Evan (Bruce Irvin) recent remarks "I will stay in Atlanta in 2016 to play" that seems to mean not everyone understood, coach Peter Carol to do the interpretation. When recently interviewed Carol, Evan did not announce that he was going to play in Atlanta next season. He said, "I'm very glad that you came to ask me this question. I talked with him. He trained in Atlanta in recent weeks. That's the answer. Don't you want to go home? What he said was just what everyone wanted, and anyone wanted to go home. " because the Seahawks rejected Evan's fifth year contract option, so the former first round pick in this season as a free agent, Evan over the past three seasons completed 16.5 quarterback sacks. finally Carol said, "anyone can send different messages to social networking sites, this is their life, but not everyone can understand it, but this time, Evan also learned a lesson.this week, Brown, Cleveland, received a good news for everyone to cheer up: after checking the line Jabaal Sheard for second times, the team decided that he did not need foot surgery. There had been news that he was in danger of the season's reimbursement. The team and the team have confirmed the truth of the news. According to insiders, Hilde is expected to take a week after this weekend to go into battle again. ?????????????????|????????????????????7-23???????????????????쨲?????????????????-??????Karlos Dansby???? He will be recuperating for 1 months because of a knee injury. To this day, Hilde has completed 18 personal grabs, 18 grappling and 2 escapement. In addition, the 3 time he took off the pass is an important part of the team's defense. Dansby is the core of Brown. He has completed 36 personal tackles and 37 co operations. He has contributed 3 times to kill and kill 9 times.Dwayne Harris took over (Dwayne Harris) is one of the Dallas Cowboys season to rest players leave a big contract, Harris this summer and the New York giants reached a 5 year contract worth $17 million 500 thousand, for their cowboy lost a good return hand. Dan Bailey, the cowboy kicker, said, "unfortunately we lost him, but you shouldn't blame him. That's part of the business." Barry is the kicker of the team, so he often exchanges with Harris in his regular training. He said Harris: "he is a very careful guy, so he can finish 17 times in the special service, where he will be a good player." Harris is the first team to win the team in the past 2013 seasons and 2014 seasons, but he wishes to remember his score better than the secret service team. 's former teammate Danny Mccrea (Danny McCray) said, "Harris is a great player, but there are many others in the team who can contribute to him as well as he does. We will find someone who will replace him." Harris is a 2011 sixth round pick him, including 2 punt return touchdowns in the highlight of the cowboy's 1 90 yard kickoff return touchdown.

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